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That was the week that was!

That was the week that was!

Our President Louise was kept very busy during the Centenary celebration week as she was manning the @WomenoftheWI twitter account for the week (see http://womenofthewi.blogspot.co.uk/2015/05/week-22-tilly-widgets.html), and what a week to do so!! Tweets were flying left, right and centre as the Centenary events lined up.

Tuesday 2nd June saw our very own WIdget, Shireen off to the Palace for tea, joining 8000 other lucky ladies in what can only be described (and has been by many) as an experience of a lifetime.

Thursday 4th June the centennial AM was shared with Hart group of WIs at a live streaming of the event organised by a sub committee, ably led by Penny of the WI Flyers. Louise was a proud member of the committee and had the important task of car park monitor! The committee made cup cakes for the 180 ladies to make them feel part of the celebrations.

Saturday 6th June brought the inspired decision of the Tilly Widgets to hold a PR event in the local shopping centre Princes Mead. We were unsuccessful in our bid for the Pat Toneri Bursary, but this didn’t deter us, we ordered 100 copies of our eye catching programme, had a banner printed which will be used outside our hall and made cupcakes with our logo to entice passers by. The interest shown was phenomenal and in no time we ran out of programmes. The helpful staff at Princes Mead allowed us to copy 50 more (of which all went). Was it the cake? Was it our friendly approach, it was a little bit of everything but mostly the impact the WI centenary reported in the media has had on women everywhere!!

Wednesday 10th June, our first meeting after the PR event. We already have a steady 35 members, 23 of whom attended along with another 35, 10 of whom joined on the night!! The feedback was a mixture of our PR event, our website & the media coverage. But you have to ask, who wouldn’t want to be a member of the WI?

You can follow the Women of the WI account on twitter here, for the rest of the Centenary year @WomenoftheWI

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