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Shabby Chic demo & Q&A session from Pam of Frenchic

Shabby Chic demo & Q&A session from Pam of Frenchic

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Tonight we were joined by Pam of Frenchic Furniture Paint http://frenchicpaint.co.uk who gave us a demonstration of Shabby Chic furniture up-cycling.  Frenchic is an all natural, zero voc, odourless, environmentally friendly, chalk and mineral paint, which comes in 30 different colours with some great names including Mother Duck, Posh Nelly, Sugar Puff, Scotch Mist and Pea Soup.  Pam took an old pine fire-screen that she’d had in her garage for years and showed us how easy it was to paint, wax and stencil it from scratch in under an hour, providing tips on how to gild, age and lime.

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