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Resolution Process

Any member can put forward an issue they would like the National Federation of Women’s Institutes to campaign on; they are known as resolutions.

Stage 1 the process starts in July through to September, WI’s put forward their ideas for resolutions and a long list is formulated. 

Stage 2 November until January, shortlisted resolutions along with key facts appear in WI Life. Each member can select the resolution they would like to see put forward to the Annual Meeting, collated by their Federation. February the NFWI meets to finalise the list of resolutions to take to the Annual Meeting, this is based on member selection, progress of existing campaigns and key developments on the resolutions. 

Stage 3 April the resolution will appear in WI Life, WIs and Federations hold meetings to discuss whether they will vote in favour or against the resolution (Tilly WIdgets will debate this at their own AGM). 

The resolution is then voted on at the Annual Meeting by the WI delegates. The campaign action notes on new mandates are sent to WIs in the August mailing.

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