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New member’s meeting

New member’s meeting

We were delighted to fill our membership quota this year of 65 members, and felt like we should have an event especially for these brand-new members, to introduce them to the WI, explain the differences between the Tilly Widgets, Hart group, Hampshire Federation and National and the various events that goes on in these.  Launch the new meeting programme for 2016 and discuss the use of this website, email, Facebook, groups and Twitter as forms of communication for members.

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You can find us:

as a Facebook friend here https://www.facebook.com/people/Tilly-WIdgets/100008299714974

(Tilly Widgets can also ask to join the closed Facebook group for our members to view events)

on Twitter here https://twitter.com/tillywidgets

on the website on either www.tillywidgetswi.co.uk/ or www.tillywidgets.co.uk/

or by email president.tillywidgets@gmail.com or memberships.tillywidgets@gmail.com

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