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Juggling Jake

Juggling Jake

We met Juggling Jake, who had previously been a chef and a salesman, and, starting to juggle with 3 x 15p apples, began to earn money as a street performer.  Jake regaled us with tales of him juggling on a bed of nails and on a tightrope (unfortunately the hall roof is a little low), not getting the job as the chainsaw juggler in Archoas and how some performers use a stooge in the audience to juggle a baby right out of its pram, and then work that up to become a fire-breathing baby.  Apparently it stems from being a court jester – making the King laugh and loving the Queen with all of your heart.  Jake showed us some techniques and some of our members got to have a try for themselves (there were some very interesting facial expressions).  Jake also runs music workshops for groups such as ours and the homeless so may be back with the Tilly Widgets in the future.  Meanwhile he kindly donated 3 juggling balls so we can keep practicing.

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