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Cove Brook Greenway Group

Cove Brook Greenway Group

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Hilda and Kathy from Cove Brook Greenway Group gave an interesting presentation about a local area many of us were unaware of, which stretches from Aldershot through Cove, north of Farnborough and reaches the River Blackwater at Hawley Meadows.  The brook runs parallel to the houses in Fernhill Road and some of our members had walked or played there as children.  The group relies on volunteers for all sorts of jobs to keep the site tidy and well maintained, they even currently have a vacancy for a butterfly inspector!  To keep younger volunteers interested, they run classes including making  dreamcatchers from natural materials and flowers from recycled carrier bags.  They also have events and talks  and are looking forward to having a bat man there in August as they have Pipistrelles and Long-eared bats on site. If you want to learn more about the group and their events, their website is here http://www.covebrook.hampshire.org.uk

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