Christmas Party 2015

Christmas Party 2015

Tonight was the Christmas meeting.  We brought and shared lots of lovely delicious food (can we have the recipe for the sparkly brownies please?) & drank Prosecco & Buck’s Fizz.  That got us in the mood for a game of pass the parcel.

12347637_10153901214631062_7120206606465045422_n     12342761_10153901215426062_4035915078775244566_n  12346598_10153901214641062_4208611581642102950_n

Several raffles were won, including this month’s champagne which had been decorated by Suzie in a Christmas Tree.

We all got to sample and vote on the mince-pie bake-off with coins (which will be added to the Toilet Twinning fund).  Well down to Gill whose fill-pastry pies were the winner, and to everyone else who entered.

IMG_2425 12345407_10153901214886062_7810230312188040820_n 12346545_10153901215506062_7555819357135037578_n

The people-bingo was a massive success, with everyone trying to hunt down the elusive bee-keeper.  I was surprised by how many people thought I could speak a second language, ride a motorbike or salsa dance (I can do none of those).  I really do need to add a few more irons to my fire in case we play it again next year, to avoid further disappointment.

12366307_10153901215056062_5041439777068872726_n   12313863_10153901215356062_2381570952224226705_n  12341512_10153901215171062_6483142918800447467_n

We played the Christmas quiz, which gave everyone the opportunity to argue over the annoying answers.  Then finally we were allowed near the home-made Secret Santas, where promises or home-made gifts were exchanged.  I loved my hand-needlepointed gift tags and I know Mandy was delighted with her robin garland.  There were a quite a few happy faces.

12342720_10153901215721062_5149152388932771287_n 12347974_10153901215756062_8896055676215974621_n IMG_244412368990_10153901215856062_6657313044294714844_n 11202813_10153901215541062_2360720098769006215_n 12342464_10153901215606062_2153428901473691999_n IMG_2431

Thanks to everyone that came along and joined in with our Christmas celebrations.  We ended with Jerusalem, which we are getting better at!


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