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Burlesque with Trixie Kixx

Burlesque with Trixie Kixx

How else would you celebrate the month of love than with the opportunity to learn Burlesque? We were joined by Burlesque star Trixie Kixx who began the evening  by giving us a background to the art of Burlesque. Trixie had clearly done her research into the WI as she told us Burlesque was about empowering women and that it was made popular in the 50s post war when the women who had kept the country going no longer wanted to merge back into the kitchen. She described the cheeky and coy side to Burlesque and the influence of artist Gil Elvgren with his pinup art (very much like our own Tilly WIdget logo). Then there was no escaping, the time had come for us to strut our stuff. We stood nervously in two circles as Trixie demonstrated how we should walk with attitude. In no time at all there was more attitude in the room than on a catwalk! We learnt a number of different moves then put them together into a routine. Such a wonderful evening, one I’m sure will be talked about for some time yet!! As always we had an amazing champagne raffle, dressed up for the occasion!

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  1. A truly awesome evening! Thank you Trixie, standing in at the last minute didn’t show at all in your presentation. A brilliant mix of the history, the moves & then the routine! A memorable evening x


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