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Annual Review

Annual Review

Our April meeting was our Review of the Year, AGM and debate.  At the AGM we voted in our new President, Tracey Bridgeman and thanked our outgoing President, Louise Pitman for all her hard work in setting up our lovely WI.

We brainstormed and discussed the two resolutions; Alleviating Loneliness and Plastic Soup.  We backed Alleviating Loneliness with a yes vote and came up with a lot of ideas on how we can get involved if it is voted in.  We gave the discretion vote to our representative on Plastic Soup, when voting takes place at the National AGM in Liverpool on 7 June.

The Craft Club had a display of their crafts.  The Book Club had a Bring a Book, Take a Book event, where we brought along a book to donate, wrapped so the title was hidden with a brief cryptic message be written on the outer wrapping to suggest the name of the book hidden inside.  And Christine became our amazing tea lady with a trolly for the evening.

IMG_7454 IMG_7450 IMG_7449

IMG_7448 IMG_7443 IMG_7452

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