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3rd Birthday Party

3rd Birthday Party

The talent shone through tonight at Tilly WIdgets 3rd birthday party / pottery painting bonanza at the Mad Hatters Pottery Cafe Sandhurst.  We can’t wait to see the end results all glazed & fired up at our June meeting, wonder how deep those pastel shades will get?  Thanks to everyone who came along and went potty with the painting!

IMG_8034 IMG_8053

IMG_8040 IMG_8037

IMG_8036 IMG_8035

IMG_8064 IMG_8063 IMG_8058

IMG_8054 IMG_8051 IMG_8050

IMG_8049 IMG_8048 IMG_8047

IMG_8046 IMG_8043 IMG_8039

It wasn’t all about the painting either – the party food was great too, Sylvia’s cheese & chocolate (not together!) straws, dolcelatte cheese scones, cheese & pineapple on sticks & Brenda’s gin & tonic cake were all a massive hit. Thanks all.

IMG_8055 IMG_8056 IMG_8057

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