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29 February 2016 Book Club

The inaugural meeting of the Tilly Widgets book club on 29 February read Quarter Past Two on a Wednesday 510SNmBWA4LAfternoon by Linda Newbery, which is also known as Missing Rose in paperback.  Eleven Widgets made the meeting, most of whom had actually managed to read the book, which was quite impressive as it only came out in paperback a couple of weeks earlier.  The consensus of opinion appeared to be that the book was OK, but would only score a 3 out of 5.  Some thought the writing clunky in places and the story appeared rushed towards the end, with disbelief having to be suspended in a few places.  Not everyone liked or felt sympathetic towards the main characters, but did like some of the side stories around the lesser characters, which we felt could have been further explored.  In places these were wrapped up in one telephone call!  We were all quite intrigued about how it would end and seemed a little disappointed with the ending.  Some felt that they’d have written it differently – perhaps that’s an idea for a future meeting – read 75% of a book and make up your own ending?  We also learnt about an alternative book club where everyone reads a different book and comes to talk about their book at the next meeting – we’re maybe not quite ready for that approach yet!  We talked abut different genres and the books we’ve read and the book clubs we’ve been in and decided on our next book and a date for our next meeting

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