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16 May 2017 Book Club

We met on Tuesday 16 May and again we chose two books to read:

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Lion: A long way home. (Book of the film) by Saroo Brierley

Most people couldn’t put this book down.  We agreed it was very much a memoir rather than so descriptive – especially as the person it happened wrote it (and they aren’t a professional author, so it had a child like description)  We all really want to see the film now, but are worried that it would disappoint (or not visualise the scenes as well).  We did think that the memories of a 5 year old were obviously slightly out.  We saw how things changed that triggered him going back to his search, like Google / Google Maps. We questioned whether it could still happen today (in India or other countries) – and asked how many children it actually happened to? We thought Saroo was incredibly lucky, but already quite street savvy. We thought his adoptive mum was wonderful, and that generally that Lion was amazing.  We gave it 7.5/10

The Secret Lives of Bees. By Sue Monk Kidd

We liked it and all through it was a very good book.  We saw how it was set in a certain time in history, and it came across just how bad it was, with the vote only just in and prejudice in the Deep South. We thought it was well written and very amusing in parts with funny little asides. We liked how they talked to the bees and thought the statue in the house was unusual, but could see that they needed something for them.  We thought it odd that she could hear the bees at night, but wasn’t scared of them.  The scenes with her father at the end explained why he was so cruel to her, but helped her to work through her feelings.  We felt May was a brilliantly written character & so very sad and that the wailing wall was an amazing idea.  We agreed unanimously that we would definitely read another Sue Monk Kidd book.  We gave it 8.75/10.

We next meet at 7.30pm on Tuesday 4 July in the comfy chairs the foyer of the Village Hotel in Farnborough at 7.30pm.  This time we chose three books to read, an extra one for those who have read all 21 Jack Reacher Novels!

The Cows – Dawn O’Porter
Modern, chick-lit and a little rude..

Killing Floor (Jack Reacher, Book 1) – Lee Childs
Now I know what all the fuss is about and why some of our members have read 21 books of this series

The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho
Our surprise third book to keep the Jack Reacher fans occupied

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